Summer Boat Maintenance Checklist

Summer Boat Maintenance ChecklistAs the hot summer months press on, now is the best time of year to take your boat out for a trek on the water. While this may provide the perfect solution to beat the heat, boats require a bit more maintenance in the summer to keep them in their best shape. In addition to securing your investment with a New Jersey Boat Insurance policy, consider the following summer maintenance checklist.

Clean the hull.

According to Tell-N-Sell, the hull of boat is adversely affected in the summer, especially if it’s not serviced periodically. Unserviced and clogged hull bottoms and gears will start having problems with vibrations, increased black-smoke, inability to run for longer periods of time, and inability of engines to reach their full RPM capabilities. Therefore, running your engine while the hull is clogged will only reduce its fuel economy and put additional stress on the engine. Get the hull checked and cleaned before taking it out to enjoy this summer.

Lubricate the steering linkage.

Especially during the hot summer months, the steering wheel and linkage tend to rust. Lubricate them thoroughly to prevent an unexpected issue while cruising.

Check the mooring lines.

As these serve to assist in anchoring the boat to the sea floor, ensure they are in good working order. Any frayed or damaged mooring lines should be replaced to prevent a potential disaster.

Check the coolant.

The fresh water to coolant ratio should be 50/50. This ensures the boat’s engine runs smoothly, so don’t forget this critical step!

Check the engine.

Oil and filters should be regularly checked during the summer. Take it a step further by checking attachments, belts, and wires. Remember, a properly running engine means a safe boating trip for you.

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