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Summer Yachting: Planning a BudgetPlanning a summer yachting trip will be well worth the organization. With friends and family uniting to cruise this season, it will be nothing short of enjoyable. However, in this article series, we have covered the basics of planning a yachting adventure, including the preparation tips needed ahead of time and how to choose the best destination for your needs and desires. With these major considerations covered, it’s time to go over the budget. To protect yourself, your vessel, and your loved ones, secure a Bergen County NJ Yacht Insurance policy.

Charter service.

Whether you want to go it alone and man your own vessel or hire a professional captain, you’ll need to factor in charter costs. Of course, hiring a professional crew does come with its perks, but all for a hefty price tag. Depending on your experience and comfort level navigating the seas, you can choose the best option for your trip.

According to Budget Travel, if you’ve never sailed or your skills are rusty, the company might make you hire a skipper for some or all of the trip. The extra cost is around $150 a day. A good pro will bring you up to speed on the specifics of the boat and help you steer clear of dangerous reefs and lame restaurants; his or her presence should also help you relax.


Depending on the size of your yacht and the distance you plan to travel, you’ll need to factor in fuel costs. Get a baseline for how much fuel your yacht consumes, and plan to give yourself more than a half a tank warning for filling up, just to be safe.

Food and drinks.

What’s the point of yachting if you can’t enjoy the journey? Food and drinks should be calculated per person, per day. Be sure to factor in activities you plan on doing while ashore, souvenirs you want to get, and overnight stays if you plan on leaving the yacht for a night or two.

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