Sussex County Business Insurance: How to Retain Good Customers

Sussex County Business Insurance How to Retain Good CustomersSussex County Business Insurance: How to Retain Good Customers

Do you have some customers that are more profitable than others? Many Sussex County business customers are unprofitable, and experts say that the key to retaining good customers, is first to determine who the profitable ones are. Though this may take some creativity and customer tracking software, it is an important step for all Sussex County business owners to take before trying to build loyalty. Once you’ve figured that part out, you can focus on your customer service skills. Here are a few ways to retain good customers.

Offer Support Relentlessly.  This doesn’t just mean responding to customer queries and problems. It is about the relationship with the customer as a partner. It’s about being where your customers congregate. This can include social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, etc.

Meet Expectations. Your staff must have critical thinking skills and be able to adapt to changing technologies and customer expectations. You and your staff also need to be able to navigate the global business culture. It’s important to understand that the world is advancing technology-wise, and customers expect businesses to keep up.

Stay in Touch. Connect with your customers on a regular basis, through multiple channels. Be sure that each conversation is meaningful and genuine. If you do this while your company grows, you’ll find that your customers will grow with you.

Consider Complaints a Gift. This may have you scratching your head, but complaints actually offer a lot of insight. It’s not always about whether the customer is “right” or “wrong”, but what opportunities the complaint brings. How you handle the complaint says a lot about your business practices and your willingness to deliver the best customer service possible.

Retaining good customers has become more challenging than ever before, especially with the increasing use of social media channels. Don’t forget, if you do utilize Social Media Marketing to connect with your customers, always keep your pages updated, and be sure to respond to customer compliments and complaints in a timely manner.

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