The Greatest Safety Concerns That Customers Have When Renting Limos

Riding in a limousine can be a comfortable, care-free and convenient means of transportation for both business and pleasure purposes. However, renting a limo means putting your safety and the safety of others in the hands of a complete stranger, so of course it’s natural to have concerns. While pricing is often a top concern for customers, it’s not as important or valuable as the safety of your passengers.

With all of the limousine companies operating today, the best way to attract customers is to position yourself to stand out as a safe and reliable option for luxury transportation. To do so, it’s important to understand exactly what potential customers are looking for in a limousine service. Below are some of the top safety concerns that customers have when renting limos.

Driver and Company Credentials and Licensing

There are specific credentials and licenses needed to properly run a limo service, and informed customers will ask to see proof before booking a limousine rental. Drivers and chauffeurs in New Jersey have to obtain a commercial driver’s license with passenger endorsements, a limousine driver or rental car chauffeur certification and a fingerprinted background check done through the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Companies are responsible for ensuring that certification applications are sent in and background checks are completed, as the state will notify the company, not the driver, regarding whether they qualify to drive in the state or not.

Vehicle Reliability

Most limousine companies have websites that share information about their vehicle options and what guests can expect to find inside. In addition to highlighting the amenities, provide customers with information that demonstrates the safety and reliability of each rental option. Including information on features such as safety design details, stability, and structural strength and safety equipment are a great way to emphasize your commitment to the safety of your customers.

Driving Policies and Standards

Driving a limousine can be stressful, so it’s important to enact policies and procedures on how drivers behave when on the job, as well as specific standards to hold drivers to. Drivers should be extremely knowledgeable about all traffic laws and possess a strong positive work ethic that allows them to behave professionally in all traffic conditions. Sharing your company’s policies, standards and values on your website or marketing material allows customers to see that safety is a top priority.

Insurance Coverage

Accidents can happen to anyone, even to the most well-trained and professional drivers. If customer safety is indeed a priority for your company, your New Jersey limo insurance policy should protect the limos your company operates along with the drivers and passengers as well.

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