The Results Are In: What Employees Want from Their Bosses

It may be impossible to keep everyone consistently happy, but employers can take certain actions to make their employees happy. Most employees want their boss to improve on their communication, accountability, positivity, honesty, and work ethic, while other employees would like their employer to offer them certain employee benefits. New Jersey business insurance is prepared to protect you in a time of need but you can further protect your business’s operations by carefully considering employee feedback and working to balance their satisfaction with your clients’.


For employees to find meaning in their work, they want frequent validation and recognition that their daily tasks matter in the context of the greater goals of the organization. Those recognized are much more likely to feel that the work they do has meaning and purpose. The best return on investing comes from values-based recognition, where awards are given based on employees demonstrating a core value of their organizations.

Implement clear vision and strategy into a recognition program aligned with greater company goals. This can make all the difference with employee experience and engagement, whether employees love their jobs, and whether employees will recommend your company to their friends.


Communication is one of the most important components in the workplace. Employees seek strong communication from their boss on matters large and small. Be clear, concise, and consistent in how you communicate.  This will allow them to trust you to be exactly as you always are.

Host constructive meetings with a focused point and actionable items at the end. The team will actually be happy to be part of the team with you because they know you’re going to help them get to the goal, not just make extra work for them and waste their time.

Consider these approaches:

  • Focus: Let everyone involved know what will be discussed in the next meeting so they can come prepared with whatever they’d like to offer to the discussion. When the group has assembled, set the agenda for what you’ll be covering. Clearly establish the goal of the conversation ahead of meeting.
  • Format: Let employees know how the discussion will go. When people know exactly what you’re looking for, they know how to engage with one another.
  • Listen: Always listen to employees! Set the standard and others will follow your lead. If necessary, remind the interrupter that the person speaking has something to contribute too. You are modeling respect for others.
  • Action Items: Present action items at the end of the conversation. Detail out whatever the agreed actions are based on the meeting and assign accountabilities if needed.
  • Desired Results: Remind them of the goal so there’s no question about expectations. Set a deadline so they can best manage their time.

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