Tips for Creating a Compelling Offer Letter

Filling an open position can be a stressful endeavor if you have an array of candidates to choose from — or conversely, if there’s a dearth of talent in the pool. Once you finally find the right fit for the job, you probably want to get them started as soon as possible and welcome them to the company. Before you can do so, though, you need to send them a formal offer letter inviting them to accept the position. You might be wondering, how do I make my offer letter stand out, and what should be included in an offer letter for a house? Find the answers to these questions in the guide that follows.

The Essential Details

If you’ve found a promising job candidate, and you want to extend a job offer to them, the first step is to write them an offer letter, and in it, share the essential details of the job. These details should include whether the position is full-time or part-time, the salary you are able to offer, and the position’s intended start date. In addition to this information, the letter should include the typical hours of the job, any benefits packages that come with it, and any other important perks that a prospective new hire would be interested in knowing about.

Why You’ve Chosen Them

Once you’ve covered the basics of the job, you should take some time to let your candidate know why you’ve extended the job offer to them. It’s important to be careful in this portion of your letter and focus only on the candidate’s professional qualifications. Any mention of personal characteristics such as race, age, or gender can land an employer in hot water for potential violation of the Equal Opportunity Employment act. EPLI helps protect employers against this and other liabilities.

Their Daily Responsibilities

An offer letter shouldn’t just invite a candidate to fill an opening. It should also give them an idea of what to expect from the job. As such, you should include a brief overview of the position’s daily duties in the offer letter, including official responsibilities and other possible tasks. It may be advisable to include a bulleted list to provide an easy-to-review look at what the job typically entails.

Company Perks and Benefits

Finally, your offer letter should sell a would-be new hire on the benefits of working at your company. You’ve already told them about the benefits of the position itself, but what sets your company apart from other employers who might be vying to hire this candidate? Here, you should remind your candidate of any unique accomplishments that your company has been a part of as well as any other awards or honors.

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