Unexpected Costs of Driving & Car Ownership

Unexpected Costs of Driving & Car OwnershipCar owners typically expect to pay a lease or loan payment, a Bergen County Auto Insurance premium, and gas to get them around town. These are no-brainers and can be budgeted accordingly. However, what about the costs that you weren’t expecting? In this article, we’re going to cover the costs associated with driving that you might not have thought about before. Read on to see where you might need to save a few extra bucks each month to prepare yourself.


Yes, your auto insurance comes in handy if you get into an accident that you caused. But, what about an accident or damage that wasn’t your fault? From small door dings to being hit while in a parking lot, you can be on the hook for these damages, especially if the offending driver already fled the scene.

Rental cars.

If your car needs maintenance, or it’s in the repair shop, you’ll likely have to get a rental car in the meantime. However, unless you added a “rental clause” to your car insurance policy, you’ll have to front the daily rate out of your own pocket.


Today’s vehicles are equipped with way more than just the basics. If you’ve invested in a vehicle with electronics that stop functioning, the repair costs of GPS systems, backup cameras and more will be on you if it’s not covered under warranty.


No one plans on parking illegally, or getting caught speeding or driving while talking on a cellphone where it is illegal to do so, but it happens even to the best driver on occasion. Penalties can range from $50 to $200 or higher, especially if you forget to make a payment and are hit with subsequent late fees or even the revocation of your driver’s license, says U.S. News.

State fees.

Registering your car is required by law in each state, and the fees vary depending on location. These costs range from approximately $200-$650 a year, and fluctuate depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle.


Whether you work in the city or have to pay to park your vehicle at local shops, you’ll need to factor in parking costs into your budget. Depending on the location, you could pay up to a few hundred dollars each month just to park your car at work.

Fuel costs.

This should come as no surprise, but fuel costs change almost daily. Depending on how often you drive or how far your commute is, this could take a big chunk out of your monthly budget.

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