When Your Employee Gets Into a Car Accident in a Rental Car

Getting into a car accident in a rental car is not ideal, and no one wants to experience it at any time in their lives. Business professionals are commonly driving a rental car that their employer pays for. It is a convenient arrangement for all parties involved. Businesses can write off the expense, and the employee doesn’t have to worry about covering the cost. Unfortunately, this arrangement is less convenient when the driver is in an accident.

What to Do After a Car Accident in a Rental Car

When this happens, you must confirm that you have the right commercial auto insurance to cover the damages.

Invest in Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is more than just a wise idea. It’s also legally required in most states if an individual driver does not have their own personal auto insurance. Commercial policies can vary widely, so it’s crucial to invest in New Jersey business insurance that includes coverage for rental cars for employees. This policy offers financial protection for businesses so that your out-of-pocket costs are lower after an accident like this.

Ask the Driver to Document the Accident

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, the driver is likely wondering how to handle a rental car accident as an employee. They may need guidance and reassurance as they process the events that occurred. The first priority, of course, is ensuring that they did not sustain any injuries. Once you confirm they are safe, you should instruct them to document the accident as thoroughly as possible to submit to your commercial auto insurance. It includes capturing photos and videos of the collision and the accident scene.

Get in Touch With Your Auto Insurance Provider

Next, you will need to reach out to your commercial auto insurance provider to inform them that one of your employees experienced an accident. Be sure to mention that it was in a rental car. Your insurer will help you navigate the claim process and handle the liability of the accident. Even if your employee was not at fault for the collision, the rental car company or the other driver might attempt to collect damages — but your insurance should shield you from this cost.

Determine Who Is Liable for the Damages

When you communicate with the driver, you should ask about the cause of the accident and try to determine liability. Your commercial auto insurance provider will also perform their own investigation and decide who is liable for the accident. If your employee is liable, you may face some unexpected expenses, but insurance will likely still cover a portion of the costs.

Confirm Your Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

There are many different coverage options when it comes to commercial auto insurance. In some cases, laws may only mandate that businesses carry liability coverage. Accidents involving rental cars can be confusing and costly, so it’s best to secure comprehensive coverage instead. A comprehensive policy will extend to accidents that were your driver’s fault. If you need clarification on what your current policy covers, contact your insurance agent and confirm that you have protection against rental car accidents.

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