Yachting with Children: Summer Safety Tips

Yachting with Children: Summer Safety TipsThe weather is slowly warming up and there are going to be more opportunities for you to enjoy your yacht in the coming months. While bringing your family on board is a great way to spend the day, there are additional safety considerations you must make when bringing your children on board. First and foremost, follow these safety recommendations to keep your family afloat. Next, secure your investment with a comprehensive New Jersey Yacht Insurance policy.

Boating with a baby.

Always use infant sized life jackets at all times when you take your baby on the water. These unique vests are much smaller than child jackets and can accommodate babies up to 30 lbs. Further, never leave a baby in a car seat or similar device that does not float. Instead, take advantage of the built-in pillow on the back of the baby’s life jacket and rock them to sleep.

Use the rule of two.

There should always be at least two adults present on board when boating with kids. One should be dedicated to steering and controlling the boat without distraction while the other watches the children, says Boater Kids. Furthermore, don’t chance it- kids should always wear life vests on and near the water. Before setting out, strap the kids in. For younger children who don’t have a good grasp on water safety yet, put their life vests on before getting down to the dock.

Teach your kids to swim.

Depending on their age, teach your kids how to swim. This is their first line of defense in case of an emergency and can save their lives.

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