4 Steps to Buying the Right Boat

4 Steps to Buying the Right BoatAs summer rapidly approaches, there’s no better time to take the plunge into boat ownership. However, with so many options to choose from, the process may seem daunting. With the right tools and resources, you’re guaranteed to find the boat that suits you and your needs best. As we take a look at how to navigate the boat buying process, ensure you equip your new vessel with an iron-clad NJ Boat Insurance policy.

Do your homework.

Determine the type of boat that would work best for you. Make a list of must-have features and those that you would like to avoid. Compile a list and research potential suitors that match your needs. Next, go to your local boat show and check out as many options that are available for what you’re looking for. While doing so, scout out reputable dealerships. According to Discover Boating, you want to find the right boat-brand-dealer combination- ask similar questions to each dealer to compare apples to apples; you may not know the exact boat that you want yet, but you know what kind of experience and service that you want to have, so don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Remember, it’s best to purchase a boat from a marine industry certified dealer.

Ask about the warranties.

This is a great selling point for many boats. Ask what the warranties cover and how long they are active. If you choose to sell your boat down the line, ask if the warranty is transferable. If you’re considering purchasing a used boat, consider contacting a marine surveyor to determine the condition of the vessel.

Keep a log.

Log your likes and dislikes about each boat you board. As there are countless options, you want to make sure you weigh your decision greatly as no two boats are the same. Further, make sure you are ready to buy. Don’t allow the salespeople to pressure you into purchasing something you aren’t sure about.

Test drive the boat.

Like a car, you can test drive a boat. Get a feel for the way it handles and steers. Bring family or friends along to give you an honest and practical opinion about the boat, as well. As buying a boat is a big decision, make sure you find the perfect one for you.

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