Summer Collector Car Care Recommendations

Summer Car Care RecommendationsThe summer season is synonymous with travel. Whether you decide to take your classic cruiser on a road trip or out and about on the town, there are likely going to be plenty of opportunities for you to venture out in the coming months. However, before setting out on the road, consider the following tips to ensure your car is well taken care of and prepared for the looming summer hazards. More importantly, however, is protecting your vehicle with the best Clifton Collector Car Insurance policy available.

Air conditioning.

If your AC is on the fritz, it’s likely going to fail in hot weather. Take it in to have a qualified technician repair it so it’s in good working condition.

Cooling system.

This is the number one cause for overheating in the summer months. The cooling system should be completely flushed and refilled about every 24 months; the level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically (a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended), says Automotive Service Excellence.

Tire pressure.

Tires are more likely to pop in the summer due to expansion from harsh heat. Check your tire pressure while they are cold before driving. This should be completed periodically- about once a month. Furthermore, make sure your spare is intact and ready to go. The last thing you need is to be stranded on a busy road.


Especially on classic vehicles that might not be driven as much, check the brakes before driving long distances. Any squeaking or grinding of the brakes means they need to be repaired immediately.

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