5 Tips for Vehicle Maintenance Before a Long Road Trip

Planning for a long road trip typically involves booking your lodging, checking on fuel prices, and stocking on traveling snacks. It’s easy to remember the tiny details that go into making your trip safe, such as your auto insurance coverage or the vehicle’s tire pressure.

The excitement of travel can quickly turn into frustration and financial worry if an accident or malfunction happens while on the road.

What Should I Plan Before My Long Road Trip?

Before filling the car with gas, you need pre-trip planning. It involves checking the requirements for auto insurance in New Jersey or other states where you’ll be traveling and ensuring your car is in excellent working condition.

What Maintenance Does My Car Need Before a Long Road Trip?

Your car must have a tune-up before heading out for an extended trip, but if you need more time, you can still do several things to ensure you have prepared for the journey. Here are five essential maintenance tips to follow.

Check the Tires Before a Long Road Trip

Flat tires are more than just a nuisance. They can jeopardize your safety on the road, as a blowout could lead to an accident. You prevent most tire problems by checking the air pressure on all tires (including the spare) and ensuring the car has the proper alignment. Inspect the tire tread as well to look for wear and tear.

Inspect the Exhaust System

The exhaust plays an integral part in releasing toxic gases from the engine, though it also impacts power supply and fuel efficiency. If you’ve heard strange noises, then inspect the exhaust. 

Do a General Maintenance Inspection

You can check the basic fluid levels necessary for a safe trip even if you aren’t a mechanic. Check the coolant and engine oil, and examine the antifreeze levels if traveling in the winter. You should also inspect the fuel, cabin, air filters, and spark plugs. Test the battery charge to avoid starter issues.

Inspect the Suspension and Steering

Your trip may be extended and bumpy if you have loose parts or damaged and worn shocks, struts, and bushings. Have your steering adjusted and suspension inspected to ensure a comfortable ride.

Maintenance the Brakes

You can avoid filing a claim on your auto insurance by ensuring your brakes are working correctly. Any squealing, shaking, or grinding is a sign you need your brakes inspected and potentially changed.

Protect Your Auto insurance Policy

Follow these maintenance tips to reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns while traveling. Accidents are serious concerns that can ruin your scheduled trip and increase your auto insurance rates.

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