6 Ways to Store Your Collector Cars for the Winter

Your antique classic collector cars require a significant investment to acquire, restore, and maintain to showroom quality. The winter can wreak havoc on these cars. Don’t let the heavy snows, constant dampness, and salt-treated roads cause damage to your prized possessions.

6 Methods to Keep Your Collector Cars Safe

Learn how to care for your antique autos with these recommended tips.

Where to Store Antique Classic Collector Cars

There are several classic car storage options for winter. Find out the benefits associated with each of these.


If you have a home garage, this is an excellent option for short-term storage of your antique classic collector cars. Keeping your car on your property gives you full access at any time and lets you control the environment’s temperature and moisture level. It’s also a cost-effective option for most owners.

Classic Car Storage Facility

A classic car storage facility is an excellent choice if you need more space at home to store your car. It costs money, but you can rent space by the month and rest easy knowing your vehicle is safe in a moisture and climate-controlled facility. Check out the specifics of the storage facility. Find out if you have 24/7 access and indoor drainage to wash your vehicle after venturing onto treated winter roads.

Private Buildings

Another option is to find a privately owned building with space to store your antique car. Detached garages and barns are some of the most coveted spaces. You may need to pay a fee or monthly rent, depending on your relationship with the owner of the building.

Storage Tips for Antique Classic Collector Cars

Your collector cars require more than just the right space out of the weather. The following tips are other necessities for keeping your vehicle in top shape.

Change the Oil and Fill the Tank

Get a jump on spring by changing the oil before putting your antique classic collector cars in storage. Fresh oil and a new filter also reduce the risk of contaminants corroding your engine. Filling up the gas tank is another great tip that helps to prevent rust buildup and possible fuel contamination.

Remove the Battery

Remove the battery and store it someplace dry. Alternatively, you can hook it up to a battery tender to keep it in good condition.

Cover Up or Get a Car Lift

Always cover your classic cars to keep away dust and prevent scratches and rust from moisture. It’s helpful to park on a moisture barrier like a plastic sheet. If you want to save space, invest in a car lift so you can still use the area for other things, and to keep your vehicle away from standing water.

Antique classic collector cars require care that includes proper storage and regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. The tips above, plus the right insurance policy, protect your collector cars both on and off the road.

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