Attention Homeowners’: What’s That Sound?

As a homeowner, you often lay in wait at night for the gurgling and the bumps that are persistent each day. However, while these sounds might seem ominous, there is usually a logical explanation, and one that is not nearly as sinister or costly as you might expect. In addition to protecting your home with a NJ Home Insurance policy, read on to discover exactly what that sound might indicate.

Gurgling toilet.

“This usually means the drain line is starting to stop up and it’s reducing air flow in the system to the vent, so water going into drain lines is displacing air, which is coming back up to the trap. If your home is on a septic tank, it may need to be pumped. Either way, call a professional,” states Eddie Lewis, East Brainerd Plumbing

Humming refrigerator.

This is likely due to a bad compressor or something stuck in the refrigerator’s fan. Either way, it’s time to call a repair man!

Water faucet hissing.

If the faucet is off and you hear hissing, it means the water is running elsewhere- most likely the toilet. To test the leak theory out, turn off all of your water in the house. Then, look at your water meter. If it’s still running, it means you have a leak. Once you’ve pinpointed the leak, you can determine if it’s a DIY project or if you need to call in the professionals.

Rattling windows.

Rattling is caused by air infiltration. A lot of times, wood or aluminum windows have a tendency for this because those materials tend to expand and contract, which causes air leaks between sashes and frames. The best solution is to replace these older windows because a lot of new window materials don’t expand and contract. They are better insulated and all new windows have weather stripping, so they are much more energy efficient, explains Brian Brock of Hullco to Times Free Press.

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