Long Distance Winter Driving Safety

Long Distance Winter Driving SafetyThere’s still time to take advantage of winter break, which means there’s still time to schedule a weekend trip to your vacation home or rent a place in warmer weather for a few days. However, if you plan on driving there, take into account the additional safety risks that traveling in snow and cold weather can present. In addition to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle with a New Jersey Auto Insurance policy, heed the following advice.

Before heading out, be sure that your vehicle is in great working condition and you have plenty of gas. While this might seem obvious, you won’t regret being prepared and making sure your vehicle is ready for a snowy journey.

Next, get plenty of rest before the drive. Driving while fatigued can have the same effects as someone who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Get plenty of sleep and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination to avoid rushing, as it can potentially lead to careless accidents.

Watch weather reports prior to a long-distance drive or before driving in isolated areas. Delay trips when especially bad weather is expected. If you must leave, let others know your route, destination, and estimated time of arrival, recommends AAA.

Be sure to pack emergency supplies to hold you and your passengers over in case of an emergency. Include food, water, blankets, gloves, and a cell phone car charger to make sure that you can contact help.

In the event of being snowed in, do not attempt to leave your vehicle to look for help. Instead, use your cell phone to contact emergency assistance or wait for passersby to see you. If you get out, it’s easy to get lost and succumb to the harsh elements of winter.

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