Vacation Home Security Musts

Vacation Home Security MustsWhile a vacation home might be just what you need to unwind after a long and stressful work week, or a great place to venture down to on weekends and holidays, what happens when you’re not there? Asking a neighbor to check in on the house from time to time or making the long trek down frequently might not be feasible, which is why the necessary security measures should be taken to protect the home year-round. In addition, protect your home with a New Jersey Vacation Home Insurance policy.

Install a monitoring system.

You can install cameras that will send real-time video to your smartphone, home or work computer, or your tablet. You can also get notifications when something isn’t right. Security cameras often prevent theft before it happens, states SafeWise. This is also a huge deterrent for would-be criminals, as well.

Lock all windows and doors.

40 percent of all home invasions are done without forced entry. This means the burglar easily slipped through a door or climbed in through an open window. Before leaving, lock up doors and windows, especially ground-level ones. External doors should have deadbolts, including basement entries.

Don’t leave a spare key.

What better way to promote a burglary than to leave a key for them outside. Most burglars can find the fake rock you throw your spare into, so don’t leave one. Instead, leave a spare with a trusted neighbor.

Make the home look lived in.

If a house looks vacant, it’s an open invitation to a burglar, so make sure your vacation home looks lived in even when you aren’t there. Don’t let mail or newspapers pile up, keep the yard maintained, and make sure any bushes or shrubs are trimmed on a regular basis. You may also consider installing automatic timers on lights so your house doesn’t sit dark at night, explains the article.

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