Augusta Special Events Insurance: Safe Holiday Party Hosting Tips

Augusta Special Events Insurance Safe Holiday Party Hosting TipsAugusta Special Events Insurance: Safe Holiday Party Hosting Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with the holidays come parties.  Many homeowners may choose to host a holiday party at home. There are many pros to this; hosting a party at home is cheaper than renting out a venue, you have no limits to which caterer you use, you can decorate as you please, and overall you have complete control. A factor that many people don’t think of, however, when hosting an at-home holiday party, is the insurance risks that are involved. You may be quick to assume that your Homeowners Insurance will automatically cover anything that goes wrong, but this could be a mistake.

One of the biggest risks associated with hosting a party at home is the presence of alcohol. If you are serving alcohol at a party, you should offer food as well since drinking on an empty stomach can cause a person to become intoxicated faster. Not only is this dangerous for themselves and others, especially if they drove to your house that evening, they could unintentionally harm someone in your home or cause property damage if things get too rowdy. While you’d like to believe that this would not happen, situations such as this do and have occurred, and you don’t want to be held liable for the consequences.

Another big risk with hosting any type of party in your home is if there will be minors present. This is especially true if your home has a pool or a fire pit; anything that requires adult supervision. If you don’t have a pool fence it’s imperative that you keep your backyard off limits to guests if minors are present. If an injury were to occur, the financial impact could very well go beyond the limits of your Home Owners Insurance policy.

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