Sussex County Business Flood Insurance: Are you Protected?

Sussex County Business Flood Insurance Are you ProtectedSussex County Business Flood Insurance: Are you Protected?

If a flood comes, you’ll be glad your business has insurance. Before the fact, however, there are several precautions that you can take to protect your business and save a lot of hassle should a flood occur. In addition to having a solid New York Flood Insurance plan, you can take these simple steps.

First, you can check that your property has been built with flood damage resistant materials. This will reduce damage in a flood and also make cleanup easier. Flood resistant buildings are defined by FEMA as those that can withstand direct contact with water for at least 72 hours.  A solid physical foundation combined with a Tri-State insurance plan will ensure that your business stays afloat in a flood.

Another step you can take is to check where your electrical system components are located. If they are low to the ground, raise them up. Electrical system components, including outlets, circuit breaker boxes, switches and meters are easily damaged by water, which Sussex County business flood insurance will cover if they are critically damaged. A rule of thumb is to raise electrical components 1 inch above the last known flood level.

Thirdly, you can prevent possible damage by anchoring your business’s fuel tanks. Unless you want to see your fuel tank floating down I-81, this precaution is well worth your time.  Unanchored fuel tanks carrying propane can easily be moved by floodwaters, causing a major hazard to both your business and your surroundings.  A very simple way for securing a fuel tank is to attach it to a large concrete slab. Using turnbuckles, you can easily fasten your tank securely to the ground.

A final way to protect your business is to install sewer back-flow valves. In a flood, sewage from sanitary sewer lines can back up from drainpipes and come into the building. Backup valves protect against building damage and health hazards. The backflow valves work by blocking drain pipes and preventing return flow.

Having these precautions in place can help your business avoid some costly repairs and clean up faster should a flood occur. To have full protection of your business, Sussex County business flood insurance can fill in the gaps when it comes to business security.  Call Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency today at 888.990.0526 to learn more about how we can protect your business.