How to Begin a Fine Art Collection

How to Begin a Fine Art CollectionStepping into the art world might be intimidating venture for those who don’t know where to start. As there are so many options and levels of quality, an easy how-to guide can help you know where to begin. With that said, it’s equally as important to protect your art collection with a New Jersey Fine Art Insurance policy that is customized to cover the replacement costs of such valuable items.

Figure out what you like.

Your personal style and taste should be reflected in each art piece you buy. Let your creative side take over as you start to look at art- but don’t start buying right away. Look around and get inspired as much as possible first. Check out studios, galleries, and art fairs to get a glimpse of the price ranges and styles you are interested in.

Follow a direction.

Valuable art collections are cohesive. Whether it follows a specific genre, such as landscapes, or a medium such as photography, your collection should all go in the same direction.

Take your time.

Rather than just purchase the first thing you like, experts recommend that you plan ahead. Discovering something new is always an exciting process, and more exposure to art will likely shape your tastes along some unexpected paths- your tastes will change and mature and so will your collecting objectives, says Gallery Intel. So, honor that and take your time to make sure you find the right pieces that will work with the space you’re going to decorate.

Do your homework.

Naturally, before buying an expensive art piece, you need to research it. If it’s a well-known artist, you can look up past auction prices and get insight on them online. However, for up-and-coming artists, find out who sells their art, who represents them, and learn about their reputation.

Keep good records.

Write down the name of the piece you bought, the artist, and how much you paid. Keep a log of everything you acquire to add reputability to your purchases.

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