Attention Boat Owners: Easy Restoration Tips

Attention Boat Owners Easy Restoration TipsAs a boat owner, you have likely come to realize that it is a labor of love. While maintenance and ownership of your watercraft may be time consuming, you want it to look its best. If you are in the market for a new project, or want to refurbish your existing vessel, consider the following tips to properly restore your boat to its original glory. Further, protect your proud investments with New Jersey Boat Insurance.


A weathered deck gives the true age of the boat away faster than anything else. Naturally, over time your dock will encounter dings, scratches, and wear and tear. However, to restore the blemishes, throw on a fresh coat of paint. When properly prepared, the paint job will go smoothly and quickly. Be sure to sand the dock thoroughly prior to painting to ensure the paint sticks and does not chip.


While electronics are constantly evolving, a makeover of the helm will help to modify your boat. This way, it is less cluttered and is more sleek and easier to use. Dominick LaCombe Jr., director of operations at IMS American Marine Electronics, states “You can start fresh and have a new helm made or retrofit what you’ve got by filling in the voids and repainting.” Find out what works, determine what needs to be replaced, and work with what you have.


Depending on the condition of the deck, you might consider doing a complete overhaul rather than just sanding it. While this may be a costly fix, the overall look and condition will be improved and likely to last for years.

Heavy Metal

According to Discover Boating, salt mist and direct sunlight wreak havoc on unprotected anodized aluminum, so age doesn’t really have a bearing on when you might need to replace or restore a set of riggers — it has much more to do with how well they’ve been taken care of in the past. These tools should be properly maintained in order to preserve their integrity and condition. If they are shot, consider replacing them before they become worse and pose more issues.

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