Taking Your Christmas Tree Down: Avoiding Fire Hazards

Is Your Christmas Tree Down Yet Avoiding Fire Hazards As the New Year has arrived, it is time to discard your old Christmas tree. While this may seem like a simple process, there are some necessary steps to take to guarantee a safe disposal. In order to protect your home, ensure your Augusta High Net Worth Homeowners Insurance is updated and effective.

It is common knowledge that the older the tree, the more safety threats it poses. As it dries out, the risk for fires is increased. Here are some recommendations to consider in order to preserve the safety of your loved ones and your home.

  • When the tree begins to drop its needles, it indicates that it is dying and should be discarded immediately.
  • If you are unable to properly dispose of the tree, refrain from storing the dead tree in your home or garage as they are highly flammable. A small spark can cause the tree to go up in flames within a mere 30 seconds of ignition.
  • Remove all lights, ornaments, and decorations from the tree prior to throwing it out. This includes the stand, as well!
  • While you may wish to recycle the tree, never burn the tree in your fireplace or wood burning stove. Pine trees contain plenty of sap and turpentine oils which are highly explosive and can pose health threats. According to The New York Times, turpentine oil poisoning occurs when someone swallows the oil or breathes in the fumes and can lead to severe illness including vomiting, collapse, throat pain and loss of vision. What’s more, old Christmas trees have the potential to create creosote deposits in your chimney.
  • If your Christmas tree is flocked, chop it down and dispose of it with regular trash.

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