Condo Decorating Guidelines

Condo Decorating GuidelinesOwning a condo has plenty of benefits and is suitable for people from various walks of life. However, if you are ready to start decorating for the holidays, the association might affect what you can and can’t do this year. Therefore, take the following advice into consideration before putting up your holiday displays. In addition, protect your investment with a Clifton Condo Insurance policy.

“A hallmark of a shared ownership community is that you give up some of your rights for the good of the community. If there are restrictions involving holiday decorations, including lights and signage, you’re generally bound by them,” says Ryan Poliakoff, co-author of New Neighborhoods: The Consumer’s Guide to Condominium, Co-Op and HOA Living. Here’s how to balance decorations and rules this year.

Talk to your neighbors.

If you’re new to the complex, review your contract and ask your neighbors what is permitted. While many associations ban lights and signage throughout the year, they may be flexible during the holidays. However, as you are bound by contract and can face fines should you disregard them, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take it to the board.

Ask to speak to your board at the next meeting to be lenient about holiday decorations (within reason). For example, perhaps write a letter that details allowing lights and wreaths for 3 weeks during December to the first of the year. However, don’t criticize the board. Instead, offer helpful suggestions of ways they can allow holiday decorations.

Check state laws.

If you can argue state law, sharing a copy of the law with the condo rule-makers may get them to change their minds about holiday decorations. If it doesn’t, you can consult a lawyer to find out about how much it will cost to sue your condo board to force it to follow state laws, says House Logic.

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