Did your Construction Website Survive Mobilegeddon?

Did your Construction Website Survive Mobilegeddon On Tuesday, April 21st, Google implemented an algorithm change that affects all types of businesses, across industries. The construction industry is no exception. If your firm or company runs a website, they likely will see their traffic plummet this week or early next week, if they are not mobile-friendly. Why is that?

Google’s algorithm change means that your website must be optimized for mobile in order to come up in Google search rankings. So while someone may be searching online for “Clifton Construction Company” and your company’s website originally came up on page one of Google’s results, if you aren’t optimized for mobile, it will disappear from page one.

What does a mobile friendly site look like? This requires a responsive web design, one that allows someone to be able to view the screen no matter what type of device they’re on. The text must be large enough to read, the site must not take too long to load, and the graphics cannot be heaving an hard to navigate when on mobile.

Why is this so important? Numerous studies have found that over half of all online searches are now conducted on a mobile device. With the 177 million+ websites in Google search, Google must have some way of prioritizing what comes up first in results, and naturally it’s going to be the sites that are most accessible.

If you are not sure if your construction site is mobile friendly, Google has provided a link to follow that allows you to check your website: Click Here. If you are not mobile-friendly yet, now’s the time. If you have a website consultant, they are the best person or company to confide in on how to develop a responsive design. Google officials say that once sites are mobile-friendly, they will see their search rankings increase rather quickly.

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