Creating a Fall Construction Plan for Your Business

Creating a fall construction plan for your business is vital to meeting deadlines and not letting the project extend into winter. Autumn brings cooler temperatures and holiday cheer but can also pose problems during construction. Blustery weather and seasonal illness can wreak havoc on a project, causing expenses and delays.

Fall Construction Plan: Things to Consider

However, business owners can mitigate negative impacts with proper preparation. If you plan to build during the fall, you should know everything.

Factor in Muddy Terrain

Autumn rains can transform previously stable terrain into a muddy mess, creating risks to crew and equipment. As storms increase in frequency, construction workers should take steps to mitigate problems. 

  1. Use mud skills to ensure stable scaffolding
  2. Encourage wiping shoes before climbing structures
  3. Increase traction by laying gravel

Additionally, crews should have a secure place to store tools in inclement weather. A bad storm can damage expensive equipment with flying debris and water damage. Fallen leaves also pose a risk since they can clog machinery. If possible, provide an excellent, dry space for equipment storage; ensure it locks and only authorized individuals have access. Crew members should inspect tools before every use to catch damage before it becomes a significant safety risk, and supervisors should enforce these rules. Business owners can help with landscaping upkeep, preventing leaves and branches from becoming harmful debris.

Create an Emergency Plan

Every business should institute an emergency plan so employees, customers, and vendors know how to reach safety in the worst-case scenario. Construction sites have specific safety needs, so business owners should work with crew supervisors on an emergency plan that fits. To create an effective strategy, consider the following:

  1. Nearest medical facilities
  2. Safety equipment crews can keep on-site
  3. Cell phone coverage in the area

Obtain Builders Risk Insurance

Accidents can happen even when you take precautions and hire a stellar crew. In such an unfortunate event, builders’ risk insurance can shield your business from liability. How is builders risk different from general liability? General liability covers accidents on your property but may not include construction sites. Builders risk insurance policy specifically protects structures under construction; coverage extends to the following scenarios:

  1. Hurricanes and other acts of God
  2. Fire
  3. Vandalism
  4. Lightning
  5. Theft
  6. Hail
  7. Explosions

Remember, It’s Flu Season

Certain viruses, such as influenza and the common cold, flourish in cold environments. As temperatures drop, your construction crew may have more people calling out of work. While this setback can be frustrating, crewmembers’ health is vital to completing the project; individuals who don’t feel their best are more likely to make mistakes, which can be lethal in a construction setting. Sick crew who come to work may also spread illness, leading to more calling out in the future. Instead of pushing ill people to come in, make allowances during the planning stage. That way, the project won’t fall behind even if some crewmembers have to take time off.

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