Easy DIY Projects for Homeowners

Easy DIY Projects for HomeownersAs we discussed in our last post, it’s important for prospective homeowners to get a grasp on what they needs versus what they want in a new home. While some projects are easier to hire professionals to complete, others can be done on a weekend and a slim budget. Therefore, if any of these features are must-haves on your wish list, consider opting for a budget-friendly DIY session to get the look and features you want in your home. In addition, don’t forget to secure your investment with a NJ Home Insurance policy.

Entry enhancement.

If your home is lacking the curb appeal you desire, spruce it up with some fresh paint and trim. Find a color you love and paint the front door. Simple contrast can be added with fresh paint along the trim and by adding in some low-maintenance landscaping. This weekend project is well worth the time and increased resale value. Buying a house with built-in curb appeal can equate to a bigger price tag, so consider this option when house hunting.

Architectural interest.

Crown molding and baseboards add character and design to any home. But, what if your budget doesn’t allow for this to come standard? There’s a simple solution. In fact, you can change the look of any room by adding chair rail, picture molding, crown molding or baseboard. To make it easy, ask the lumber yard or home improvement store to pre-cut all the pieces to size, just be sure to take accurate measurements, explains DIY Network.

Cabinet resurfacing.

If your cabinets need more than just a fun design element such as upgraded knobs, consider painting them. While you might need to sand them down and stain them a new color or find a fresh, bright-colored paint, this investment is well worth it and can give your kitchen a face lift.

Spruce up small spaces.

If the home you purchased comes with small rooms and bathrooms, work with what you’ve got. Add an accent wall, fun wallpaper, and bright colors. Get creative with the space and turn the drab space into something special.

Simply because you’re working with a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the design elements that you desire. With these simple tips, you can turn an average house into a stunning home.

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