Must vs. Lust: What Do You Really Need in Your Home?

Must vs. Lust: What Do You Really Need in Your Home?Looking for a new home to buy is an exciting time. With your long laundry list of wants, it can be easy to stray from what you really want versus what you really need in a new home. Therefore, we have developed this article as a way for you to prioritize what you need, what you can realistically afford, and how you can get your wish list items without sacrificing something necessary. In addition to protecting your new home with a comprehensive New Jersey Home Insurance policy, consider the following expertly crafted advice.

Make a list.

You and your partner should make a list of things you want in your new home. After you both create a top 10 of must-haves in your home, compare them with each other. Whichever ones you both jotted down should carry more weight since they’re important to both of you.

Think big picture.

The things that can’t be changed without a massive investment. Things like square footage, window size, and number of bedrooms. This is your heavyweight list. These things should take priority in your home-buying decision, explains House Logic. For things that can be easily fixed, such as paint color and backsplashes, take them off your list of must-haves. These are such small and inexpensive details that it shouldn’t reflect your ultimate decision to buy or not.


It can be hard to make sacrifices for big ticket items such as square footage and hardwood floors. However, be sure to keep your list handy as you comb through the homes. Ask yourself, would you be willing to give up item number 4, say, to have item number 5? Would you be willing to give up hardwood floors for a home theater room? This is the hardest question to answer, but it’ll put your must-haves in the right order, says the article. If you can’t part with multiple items, it may be worth a splurge! That is, if your monthly budget and expenses allows for it.

It’s easy to get distracted when looking at so many homes, so keeping your list handy will keep your needs and wants straight.

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