Attention Fine Art Owners: Protecting your Collection

Attention Fine Art Owners Protecting your CollectionSimilar to other collector items, art can be very sentimental. In order to protect your investments and ensure the quality of your art is preserved, follow these recommendations for proper care. Further, obtain New Jersey Fine Art Collection Insurance program to safeguard your collection.

Monitor Home Temperature

The ideal temperature for your art work is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The home’s thermostat should be regulated to ensure the home’s temperature doesn’t rise or fall too drastically and a humidifier can prevent excess moisture in the air from seeping into your collection. Further, avoid placing artwork next to windows, doors, or vents, as the direct outside airflow can affect the pieces.

Avoid Sunlight

In addition to excess airflow, too much sunlight can cause the art to fade. Especially for pieces constructed out of paper and textiles, sunlight should not be directly hitting the art. Draw the shades for extra hot days and turn the lights off when no one is in the room, says Hub International.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke can also have damaging effects on artwork. A smoke detector will alert you if smoke enters the room.

Hire a Professional Art Hanger

Objects should be securely placed on the wall with the proper tools. This will reduce the chance of the piece falling off the wall or damaging it if hung incorrectly. A professional art hanger is more like to use the proper hardware and structural supports than a general contractor, says the article.

Frame It

Not only does this look beautiful, but your art will be protected from the elements and from damage while inside a frame. Lastly, corrugated polypropylene backings should be used to prevent water absorption, as well.

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