Tips for Renting your Vacation Home During Off-Season

Tips for Renting your Vacation Home During Off-SeasonWhile the typical vacation rental season doesn’t start for another few months, homeowners may be missing out on a lucrative market for renting during off-season. To boost your income and attract renters year-round, follow these simple steps for success. Further, equip your rental with Clifton Vacation Home Insurance to protect against the potential perils that tenants bring.

Lower the Price

If your vacation home isn’t located in a prime winter sporting area, the price should be adjusted to stay competitive. According to Bank Rate, your vacation home may command top-dollar in the summertime, but fewer winter travelers will mean more hotels and vacation homeowners are competing for the same few customers. Price is an important factor in winter travel, so be mindful of that when determining pricing.

Reduce the Minimum Stay

During the summer, minimum stays tend to be about five to seven days. However, in the winter, it is best to reduce that number to draw in more renters. This way, people can use your vacation rental as a weekend getaway or for long weekends.

Understand your Audience

As most winter travelers are typically single or don’t have young children, it is important to market your vacation rental toward them. School is in season and most winter travelers don’t prefer large crowds, so offering a quiet, dog friendly space will work in your favor.

Appeal to Prior Guests

Previous tenants know your property and the area, so reach out to them and offer a winter rate for your property, including friends and family discounts. Even if they are not planning on taking a winter holiday, they might have some connections to people who are.

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