Homeowner New Year’s Resolutions

Homeowner New Year’s ResolutionsWhat better way to start the New Year off right than to bring your financial goals to fruition? While some goals may take months to chip away at and some can be achieved overnight, now is the time to start putting your plans and goals into action. In addition to securing your investment with a Passaic County Home Insurance policy, here are some resolutions every homeowner should consider for 2017.

Put more toward your mortgage.

While it might sound impossible, consider this: taking a few extra dollars per month and putting it toward your mortgage can dramatically reduce your interest and help to pay off the loan sooner. Even scrounging up another $100 each month can make a big dent in your mortgage, so consider where you can reduce spending and reallocate it.

Pay off a second mortgage.

It might not be easy, but the debt reduction is priceless. People get used to certain cash flows, certain dollar amounts that come in and get spent,” Ronit Rogoszinski, a wealth adviser at Arch Financial Group in Garden City, N.Y.Rogoszinski states to Bankrate. “It takes a lot of discipline and will to write that extra $400 toward your home equity loan, instead of something else. The more you can focus on it and try to make that happen, the better off you are.”

Argue your property tax assessment.

Each year, you can schedule a time to reevaluate your property’s worth to potentially decrease tax payments. If your neighborhood has experienced anything that could lessen the value, it’s time to have your property evaluated and save money!

Pay bills on time.

Life happens, and staying on top of every bill each month can be a challenge. Make it a point to schedule reminders to pay bills on time. This will increase your credit score and allow you to borrow money in the future on more attractive terms.


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