How to Work Through the Construction Labor Shortage

How to Work Through the Construction Labor ShortageTrouble attracting and retaining good employees? In order to thrive in these times of rebuilding, owners must have stronger recruitment and management. The construction industry is currently experiencing a labor shortage with a lack of skilled workers, and businesses in this sector have been experiencing troubles as a result. Here are some of our suggestions for your business to work through this difficult time.

Expand Recruitment Efforts

Many contractors say they’ve had trouble finding qualified workers. That means you’ll have to strongly consider what you’re doing, or not doing,  to connect with qualified applicants.

Ask yourself the following:

  • How have you recruited workers in the past?
  • What job websites do you post on?
  • Are there people or associations that have been successful in finding top talent?

Utilize a company that specializes in connecting employers in the construction industry with qualified workers.

Refine Hiring Practices

While you may desperately need to hire people, it’s important to find adequate candidates to minimize further hiring, training and replacement costs for someone who isn’t the right fit. In this industry there’s a risk of high turnover due to a competitive job market. Consider new approaches to interviewing and analyzing prospective employees.  There are many online services that offer evidence-based methods for reviewing resumes and conducting pre-employment interviews.

Employee Satisfaction

Determine how you will motivate and retain employees.

Ponder the following:

  • What are the current standard for wages and salaries?
  • What benefits are other employers providing?
  • How do you rank employee satisfaction and retention?

It’s inevitable that some workers will move on to other jobs, so establish a thorough exit interview process. You may want to ask  questions such as:

  • Why did they decide to leave?
  • Are there any other benefits or perks they will be getting with the new company?
  • Did they feel motivated and inspired at work?

Getting to the root of why we work determines how well we work. Open communication is a key factor in helping people understand the value and impact they have within the company.

Providing open and respectful communication will create a positive and productive workplace.

Improve Safety

Construction-related injuries are a major issue that puts a tremendous financial burden on the industry. However, some accidents are inevitable in this line of work. Injured employees have to take time off work creating a ripple effect of burdens (workers’ compensation payments, hours spent recruiting a replacement worker).  It can also reduce worker morale, especially if workers think injuries are due to negligence on the part of the employer. It’s never good if workers begin questioning their own safety. In addition to improving safety measures, make sure that your business’s construction insurance program will be able to adequately cover you and your employees should something occur.

Review Team Management

A strong management of overtime costs and deep-level analysis of your employees’ work behaviors will optimize productivity by better understanding the timing of your projects. It is essential to always know whether you’re over or understaffed and exactly where workers are spending their time. Evaluate your current approach and think critically about changes that must be made. Businesses that are willing to constantly examine their practices  and consider ways to improve will thrive.

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