Hurricane Advisory: Joaquin Approaching East Coast

Hurricane Advisory Joaquin Approaching East CoastHurricane Season is underway, and breaking news has indicated the development of Hurricane Joaquin that could potentially make landfall on United States’ East Coast in the coming days.

Tips and action steps to prepare before, during, and after a storm can be reviewed with this Hurricane Preparedness PDF. Following these steps can help to reduce damage to your homes, cars, and businesses during this time of eminent danger.

While the storm’s exact path is yet to be determined, the Weather Channel reports “Regardless of the ultimate outcome of Joaquin’s path, portions of the East Coast will still see multiple impacts from the evolving large-scale weather pattern, including flooding rainfall, gusty winds, high surf, beach erosion and some coastal flooding.” The storm is expected to strengthen in the next 48 hours and is expected to hit the Carolinas and its surrounding northern states by Sunday afternoon.

Taking these into consideration, find a safe place to secure your car if you live in a flood-prone area. In the event your home is damaged, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible after the storm. Each carrier’s website should contain information on how to report a claim as well as all necessary contact information.

Please write down this important information so that it is readily available if and when you need it. We recommend printing out the preparedness checklist and phone numbers in case you lose power as well.

If you live in an area that has been ordered to evacuate, it is advised that you plan ahead and pack emergency supplies. Even if you are not ordered to evacuate, severe weather can cause blocked roads, power outages, and flooding that could isolate you and render you immobile for a few days. As such, having enough supplies, food, and water to support you and your family is critical. In addition, it is very important to create a family emergency communication plan and note where the safety location will be if you are to be separated.

To receive alerts that are available in your area, text HURRICANE to 43362 (4FEMA). These alerts can provide specific information directly to your cell phone. FEMA’s mobile application is available, as well.