Are Your Job Sites Ready for Hurricane Season?

Are Your Job Sites Ready for Hurricane SeasonHurricane season terrorizes the East Coast each year from approximately mid -May to late November. As New Jersey residents are reminded each year, these massive storms have the ability to devastate businesses and projects with its torrential downpours, flooding, and harsh winds.  Making sure your New Jersey Builders Risk insurance is in place is the first step in protecting your sites from damage and loss. As the season progresses, here are a few tips on how to prepare and manage your construction sites during hurricanes.

Plan Ahead: Doing so can decrease the number of risks you might otherwise face. Noting which job sites are subject to flooding and keeping supplies such as blocks, anchors, and tie downs at the site are recommended. A checklist that includes radios, batteries and battery chargers, equipment, and tools should be kept on hand to control inventory. Bear in mind the time it will take to move necessary equipment if a hurricane watch is issued!

Hurricane Watch: Go through your checklist and determine which equipment needs to be protected and anchored down. If possible, move the necessary materials to higher ground. If a piece of heavy machinery needs to be moved or you need to perform a safety process that will take longer than 12 hours, it’s advised you start that process when the watch is issued.

Hurricane Warning: Since these are given as a 24 hour warning, this is a crucial time to determine which operations should temporarily ceased. Begin carrying out your damage prevention checklist and assign the superintendent to be on standby in case something needs tending.

After the storm has passed, assess the damage and prevent theft by having the site supervised immediately. Cleaning up the wreckage is of immediate concern and the equipment will need to be examined for pollution, as well. reminds you to keep your crew a safe distance away from fallen power lines and electric utility restoration crews as they can be very dangerous after a storm.

Make sure that when a hurricane comes, you have the proper construction insurance in effect. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we specialize in quality solutions for businesses like yours. For more information about a risk management policy, as well as Business Interruption Insurance to protect your assets from the damage of hurricanes, call one of our specialists today at (888) 990-0526.