Lesser Known Things Your Home Insurance Covers

Many homeowners are not aware of all that their homeowners insurance policy can do for them. There are many surprising coverages that generally can be found in a home insurance policy.

What Unusual Things Do Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover?

A home insurance policy will cover more than just structural damage to the property. In fact, your New Jersey home insurance can protect you in ways you may have never known.

Spoiled Food

In certain scenarios, homeowners insurance can cover some spoiled food. Specifically, if you were to lose electricity long enough to cause your refrigerated foods to spoil. So if you find that your food has gone bad after a particularly long blackout, you can contact your insurer about that, and your policy will likely cover a loss of up to $500 worth of food after a power outage.

Mandated Upgrades

Homeowners policies generally provide coverage for “ordinance or law,” which covers costs associated with bringing the property up to code after a covered loss. For instance, if your house burned down and a new law requires homes to have sprinklers upon rebuilding, the sprinklers would have to be installed and homeowners insurance would cover that cost.

Slander, Libel and Dog-bite Lawsuits

The liability section of homeowners insurance will cover you if you are sued for a variety of claims, such as oral or written publication of material that slanders or libels a person or organization, and even if your dog was to bite someone, depending on your specific breed of dog and policy. This protection can prevent a claim from making a significant hit on your bank account.

Miscellaneous Accidents

Homeowners insurance covers a wide range of activities that are not related to a person’s home and can cover incidents in other locations, not just on personal property. You can check with your coverage whenever you suffer a loss or have a claim against you that simply involves your property.

Additional Living Expenses and Falling Objects

Damage caused by the weight of snow on a property, burst pipes and additional living expenses are also covered by homeowners insurance. If a home is uninhabitable after a storm, your insurer will often pay for hotel and restaurant bills. Note that there are limits on the amount of coverage or amount of time to cover these bills.

Damage to property and items within the home caused by falling objects is also covered under standard homeowners insurance policies.

Student Property

Home insurance also provides property coverage to all household members. If you have a college student, their personal property may be covered under the policy. Students living in on-campus dormitories will have most of their personal possessions covered under their parents’ homeowners insurance policy.

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