The Building Blocks to a Successful Real Estate Website

Most real estate agents have come to recognize the importance of online marketing to their bottom line, but some have yet to create a website that is current with new technologies and therefore does not get the results they are looking for. A few decades ago, real estate leads mainly came from word-of-mouth, but today, it’s a different story as most clients will likely search online for realtors.

Real Estate Agent Website Building Tips

Therefore, to increase prospects, an effective real estate website is an extremely helpful tool. This will help create a positive first impression with potential clients and offer the convenience they are looking for.

Mobile Friendly

It is important to establish a mobile-responsive website, meaning that the layout and content are designed in such a way that promotes the effectiveness of your presentation. In other words, visitors should be able to find your site and information quickly and easily no matter which technology device they use. Since convenience is a huge factor for most people, they should be able to find the information they want from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For instance, if a potential buyer looks up your real estate website on their tablet, they would most likely look for a search box to explore listings in areas that appeal to them before they contact you. Therefore, your website should provide what they are looking for without redirecting to another website.

Avoid cheap or free website templates which defeat the purpose of increasing your chances with prospects. Yes, a custom-designed website will cost you but it can be very reasonable, especially when considering ROI.

Consider the real cost when someone finds your website, but quickly concludes that it is not as professional and easy to use as the other sites they had reviewed. They will leave your site, which means you have just as quickly lost an opportunity. Proper structure and analytics go such a long way in the interest of creating and fostering your leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you aware of how search engines work? Oftentimes home buyers and sellers can only find your website if the search engine finds and categorizes your web pages correctly.  Therefore, your website must be optimized with good keywords, key phrases, and relevant content to help the search engines index your website under proper category and location. Without this, the chance of your website being found by the buyers and sellers on the top search engines like Google and Bing are not likely.

Helpful and Positive Experience

When visitors arrive at your website, it is imperative that it offers a helpful and friendly experience. The site should be able to load quickly and provide useful information fast. A good rule of thumb is to not go beyond 3 clicks from anywhere on your site to find the information needed to make a decision. Be as clear and concise as possible to help prepare your website to convert viewers into clients.

Combining these building blocks will create a strong foundation for an effective real estate website. To become a lead producer in today’s environment, it all begins with your website, and in order to remain protected, be sure to secure real estate coverage.

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