Maintaining a Luxury Home

Maintaining a Luxury HomeMaintaining your luxury home might be a labor of love, but it’s worth it. From the garden upkeep to scrubbing the marble countertops, there are plenty of odds and ends that need attention to keep your home in the best shape. In addition to securing an Augusta High-Value Homeowners Insurance policy, follow these recommendations for quality home preservation.

Spruce Curb Appeal

This is arguably one of the most important features to maintain property value. It serves as the first impression and gives the “wow” factor to passersby. Plant plenty of foliage and greenery to make the front lawn vibrant. Or, opt for eco-friendly shrubbery, just ensure they are well-groomed. Power-wash the driveway after storms or every few weeks to prevent any dirt or build-up. If necessary, repaint the home’s surface and add a pop of color with flowers or a colored door.

Maintain Flooring

Battered floors significantly reduce the value of a home. Refurbish wood floors or replace the existing ones with real wood. These are more durable and add more value than carpet. If your floors are already in place, ensure they are refinished every 5-10 years to keep them looking great.

Use the Right Products

The type of finishes you have in your home will determine the types of products you should use. For example, according to Bigger Pockets, marble and granite must not be exposed to cleaning materials with high pH levels so using wipes with water or dish liquid are often enough. Further, vinegar is also a good cleaning agent for glass and grease. This will help your fixtures and counters maintain their brilliance and longevity.


Any repairs that need tending should be completed immediately. This will prevent additional damage from occurring and save money in the future.

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