How to Buy Fine Art Pieces

How to Buy Fine Art PiecesWhen buying original works of fine art, it’s important to do your research to know what qualifications are necessary to be considered unique works of art. There are certain requirements that original work must check off. For example, it must be hand signed and numbered, must have a certificate of authenticity, and a printed documentation. It’s also important to stay protected with NJ Fine Art Collection Insurance.

According to an article in eBay, here are a few tips to follow when acquiring unique art.

  1. Pricing. When heading into a gallery, make sure to ask about the gallery’s’ pricing methods and what factors are involved when pricing their inventory. The answer to those questions should be clear and satisfactory, otherwise, it can be an indication of the gallery’ legitimacy and customer service. Do your research before hand when it comes to pricing of fakes or reproduction- that way you can avoid purchasing the wrong work.
  1. Signatures. The way you know if an artist hand-signed the work is if the artist’s birth date is listed on a COA. For more well-known artists, there is the catalogue raisonné registry where you can compare signatures, that way you feel confident that the artists really signed that work.
  1. Proactive research and due diligence. The best preparation comes with educating yourself about the artist’s work. You can do this by asking gallery owners questions, finding a glossary of terminology or working alongside a professional dealer.
  1. The quality of the work of art. Most original works are hand-made and this means that there will be some variation in the impression quality. Over time, color and condition can change and a perfect condition piece of art will sell quicker.
  1. Connoisseurship is the assessment and understanding of the quality of work in an original piece of fine art. This will determine the work with the greatest value.

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