Ensuring a Safe Coastal Yachting Trip

Ensuring a Safe Coastal Yachting TripEnsuring a Safe Coastal Yachting TripAs the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about taking a luxurious cruise on your yacht. While it’s important to protect your investment with NJ Yacht Insurance, it’s equally critical to be well-versed on the particular safety precautions needed while manning a yacht. Follow these recommendations for a safe coastal trip on your beloved yacht.

Check the Deck

Is your anchor chain securely attached to the boat? Are the rigging lines in good working order? Are you familiar with the GPS system? Is your radio working? Are your navigation lights on, do you know which ones to use? Is your autopilot working? Does each member on board, including the crew, have life jackets? These are all important factors to consider before setting out.

Evaluate Below Deck Systems

Ensure that the engine fluid levels are full and that the bilge is freed of any contaminants. Batteries should be checked in addition to voltage levels. It is also wise to carry a paper chart in addition to a digital chart just to be safe. Next, Team Windcraft also recommends that you check all of the fresh water tanks and pumps and keep spares on board whenever possible.

Crew Preparation

A seasoned skipper should head the crew and provide information on the procedures and safety risks that they face. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on board, so this step is critical. Any emergency preparedness strategies should be discussed and also determine what watch system is going to be used prior to departure. This way, your friends, loved ones, and crew are all in good hands.

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