Manhattan Condominium Insurance: Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption

Manhattan Condominium Insurance: Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption Manhattan Condominium Insurance Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption

As spring turns to summer and the weather gets warmer, residents often see increases in the cost of utilities. This is generally a result of increased demand for resources, higher usage rates and other social factors including consumer trends. Increased use of air conditioning systems, water usage for recreation and increased household activity all affect the rate you pay as a Manhattan condominium dweller for electricity, water and gas. No one likes having to pay inflated service rates and there are a few things Manhattan residents can do to reduce their utilities consumption and in turn decrease your monthly expenses.

Saving money on your utility bills is actually mutually beneficial for you and for the environment.  Conserving water helps sustain rivers, lakes and fresh water reserves and their respective ecosystems. Here are a few ways you can reduce your energy consumption this summer.

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy efficient light bulbs use 75% less energy and last 6-10 times longer than traditional bulbs. By switching all the bulbs in your light fixtures you not only reduce your electricity charges, but you also help reduce fossil fuel usage, omissions and consumption through the energy generating process. Using natural light when available is always preferable to artificial lighting as well and can save tons of energy.
  • Low-flow shower heads running for 10 minutes output 5 less gallons of water than a typical bath. The EPA indicates that taking a 10 minute warm or cold shower can be refreshing on a hot day and also save energy, resources and your money.
  • Utilizing independent room units instead of central air regulation systems can use less energy and dramatically cut down your summer utilities bill. When running air conditioning units make sure to keep all windows and doors closed, and to utilize programmable thermostats to automatically regulate the amount of time cooling systems are running.
  • Spending time outdoors and in public spaces can not only improve the health of your family but also reduce electricity usages and decrease the need for ambient cooling during peak hours. Consumer electronics account for up to 15% of household energy use and over the summer months, the use of televisions, game consuls, computers and more dramatically rise.
  • The EPA recommends running full loads of laundry whenever possible and adjusting the water levels when washing smaller batches of clothes. Water heating accounts for 90% of the energy used to wash clothes, but using cold water to wash laundry will reduce the amount of resources used to launder your clothes. Also utilizing the internal temperature sensors in your dryer can prevent prolonged use of the machine.

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