Sussex County Manufacturer Insurance: Recall Response Planning

Sussex County Manufacturer Insurance: Recall Response Planning
Sussex County Manufactures Insurance Recall Response Planning

American auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) has begun negotiations about setting some three-hundred claims against the company related to a deadly ignition malfunction. In February 2014 GM began a massive recall on an estimated 2.6 million small vehicles including the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion models. During a briefing about the recall, GM admitted to knowing for over a decade about a faulty ignition system which caused the ignition switch in some vehicles to slip from the “running” position during operation, resulting in engine shut down and dangerous operating conditions.  One of the highest points of controversy in this instance of faulty manufacturing remains the length of time it took GM to respond to the problem. While recalling a product can be a huge set-back, most often rectifying the situation quickly can help prevent lengthy legal and professional complications.

Most producers understand the necessity of a well-established product recall response plan which includes prompt investigation and tactful management. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) a good recall response plan consist of a number of stages including issue discovery, investigation of the problem, notification to consumers and product recovery. Having the proper product evaluation channels can help assess the extent of a problem and minimize the amount of consumer exposure, thus dramatically reducing an organization’s liability. Reporting a recall quickly and appropriately can also help reduce the potential for costly litigation and legal complications. The CPSC Recall Handbook is a useful resource for any Sussex County manufacturer facing a product dilemma.

New Jersey manufacturers face an inherent risk of product malfunction. While product recall can be costly, resolving the issue appropriately can help prevent long lasting financial impacts such as loss of customer rapport and business which are often the harshest ramifications.  Recalls can be huge liability risks for any manufacturer but having a customized Sussex County Manufacturer Insurance plan can help protect your operation from a variety of product liability risks exposures.

At Tri-State Insurance we offer comprehensive Sussex County Manufacturer Insurance plans to protect producers from the countless liability exposures you face from daily operation. Our Pennsylvania Manufactures Insurance portfolio includes everything from manufactures Sussex County Product Liability coverage to workers compensation plans designed to keep your business pumping out products.  Give our professionals a call at (888) 990-0526 for more information about how we can help protect your Pennsylvania manufacturing operation.