Manhattan Real Estate Insurance: Why Are Glass Offices Still Popular?

Manhattan Real Estate Insurance Why Are Glass Offices Still PopularManhattan Real Estate Insurance: Why Are Glass Offices Still Popular?

After decades of seeing high-rise towers and office buildings covered in glass, it’s pretty much expected that all modern offices will be built this way, especially in big cities such as Manhattan. Some of these building are very high performance and expensive, such as the Platinum Bank of America Building near the New York Public Library. Others are not as intricate, however still offer benefits. So what exactly are these benefits? Why do architects design buildings in this way, and why are they still popular?

Critics of glass office buildings state that there is a high environmental cost to these designs; increased energy consumption. However, that doesn’t distract many from the benefits of glass buildings. The main benefit that many businesses and individuals see to all glass buildings is that the transparency allows constant access to daylight. Alex Wilson, from, says that natural daylight is one of the leading drivers of architectural design, whether the developer was going for a “green” design or not.

Wilson also stated other benefits and reasons that many businesses want this glass frontage; the glass provides a visual connection to the outdoors for employees and gives a transparent corporate culture. He says that many companies like the association of transparency with corporate image, as if it says, “see, we’re in here, doing something for you; we’re not hiding anything.”

As an architect or construction worker, it’s important to have all your bases covered and protect yourself financially with Manhattan Real Estate Insurance. However, perhaps equally important is keeping up with building trends. Architects continue to build glass offices because it is a design that is still seen as innovative. Glass fronts as well as transparent interiors provide a means so that natural light is no longer limited to the perimeter of the building. Interior offices that once depended on artificial lighting have the ability to share natural daylight.

Glass offices are not only still popular, but they are growing in popularity, for just about any type of commercial space. Despite what critics say, experts believe that glass walls help business save on energy costs by utilizing natural light, plus glass office walls make expanding or rearranging the work space easier and less expensive.

Whether you are designing a glass office building or more traditional setting, it’s imperative to be covered with a Manhattan Real Estate Insurance Policy. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we offer a number of comprehensive Manhattan Business Insurance products for a number of specialty industries. Please contact us today to learn more at (888) 990-0526.