New York Manufacturing Insurance: Responsibilities of a Safety Manager

New York Manufacturing Insurance: Responsibilities of a Safety ManagerNew York Manufacturing Insurance: Responsibilities of a Safety Manager

Working in the manufacturing industry, you know how important it is to protect your business, not only on a financial level but a safety level as well. Manufacturing operations have special considerations, such as employee exposure to chemicals, heaving machinery, slip and fall risks, etc.

It’s imperative to hire a safety manager who will have complete knowledge of the rules and regulations governing safety in the workforce, as set forth by federal, state, and local governments. The manufacturing industry is only expected to grow, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With that growth comes more employees and a higher need for safety managers to understand their responsibilities.

The first job of a safety manager is to develop and implement safety procedures for every aspect of their manufacturing business. This will include machine operator’s safety, equipment safety procedures, maintenance safety requirements, and ongoing safety training for all employees. Another responsibility of safety managers is to know what and when to report. They must comply with all procedures outlined by the federal and state governing bodies.

Along with reporting, the safety manager must document every detail of issues that arise. For example, in the case of a hazardous material spill or accident, they must have a record of the conditions of the accident including injuries, amount of spillage, and cleanup procedure. Another very important duty the safety manager has is training the rest of the management staff on safety rules and regulations, and knowing when they need to be reported, since the safety manager won’t be around at all times.

Because the safety manager isn’t always around, the last responsibility they have is conducting periodic safety inspections. They’ll need to check all equipment, manufacturing procedures, and employee safety issues. The safety manager has the authority to stop an unsafe working condition or faulty machine at any time during these inspections.

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