Wholesale Insurance New Jersey: How to Handle Product Recalls

shutterstock_57689326Wholesale Insurance New Jersey: How to Handle Product Recalls

Called one of the best public relations responses to a product recall in history, the 1982 Tylenol recall due to Cyanide poisoning was enough to do serious damage to parent company Johnson & Johnson. Instead, effective public relations saved them by issuing a immediate press release to all media, halted advertising, and demanded a full recall of their product. Johnson & Johnson’s response and Tylenol’s comeback set the example for how product recalls should be handled.

The wholesale and retail industries can of course be different from larger corporations with specialized products, but these basic tips could potentially help you avoid damaging your company’s reputation.

Pay attention to recall announcements: Recall notices will almost always be released to companies before there is a public announcement. These notices will include the product being recalled and all identifying information plus the action your company should take and how to take account for lost inventory.

Stop sale immediately: Recalled inventory should be pulled from the shelves immediately, and isolated from other merchandise and products.

Post recall notifications: Manufacturers will send recall posters to be placed in obvious locations where customers can see. It’s also a good idea to put a sign where the product normally is on the shelves.

Assist consumers with recall: Refer to the original recall notice for directions on how to direct consumer returns and whether the retailers should provide replacements and/or refunds.

Internet sales & recalls: If your company sells merchandise online, the website should have a Recall Safety Information page linked directly from the home page. If possible, it should be interactive so customers can participate in the recall through the site.

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