Offshore Wind Farms: New Construction Surge

Offshore Wind Farms New Construction SurgeThe first offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island has begun construction. Located off Block Island, the five-turbine wind farm is expected to power approximately 17,000 homes by next year. These revolutionary systems are intended to be built in surrounding waters nationwide and New Jersey is the next intended site location. Although this development will have significant positive effects, it poses New Jersey Construction Liability risks.

According to Washington’s Top News, the wind farm is being built by Deepwater Wind and expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2016. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel, as well as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, watched as the first steel beam was attached to the ocean floor on July 27th. The two steel components have four legs and braces, similar to a stool, and will be perched approximately 30 feet above the water.

Barges and cranes were on hand in order to assist in the installation, and the foundations will be installed around mid-September, according to Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski.

Jewel was hopeful for the future of the possibilities when she stated “It’s great to witness a pioneering moment in U.S. history. We are learning from this in what we do elsewhere. I think it will help the country understand the potential that exists here.”

What’s more, Deepwater Wind also plans to build a wind farm that consists of 200 turbines between Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard and all along the East Coast. Not only will this contribute to increased energy sustainability, but it will provide jobs, as well.

Jewel stated that the federal government has already sold nine leases for additional offshore wind farm projects. She specified that New Jersey is next for auctioning off a lease and determining potential sites.

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