Vineland vs. C&H: Construction Delay Lawsuit

Vineland vs. C&H Construction Delay LawsuitC&H Industrial Services has moved forward with a lawsuit against Vineland for allegedly breaching an existing contract. New Jersey Construction Coverage can help to combat the potentially hefty fees incurred by this type of litigation against your business.

This marks the second time in court for C&H in two years. The first resulted from a conflict with Infrastructure and Industrial Energy (I&I) last year over the bid for completing the construction on the power plant. I&I provided the lowest bid at $24,713,000 but failed to disclose more than 10 percent of its ownership, which is a violation of New Jersey law. As a result, C&H took over the contract as they provided the second best price.

On July 29, C&H filed the lawsuit against Vineland for allegedly causing delays in the construction of the Clayville Generating Station 1, according to In turn, labor and material costs have increased above budget. The Cumberland County Superior Court’s lawsuit stated “Between the time the parties entered into the contract and the completion of the contract, C&H’s ability to prosecute its work was delayed by the actions and inactions of Vineland.”

In response, Vineland and Vineland Municipal Electric Utility released joint statements that discredited the merit of the claims. “Our first responsibility is to the ratepayers of the Vineland Electric Utility to ensure that they get what they paid for under the terms of the contract. Any delays that have significantly impacted the completion of the Clayville Unit were, and continue to be, caused by actions and/or inactions of C&H Industrial Inc. and our responsive pleadings will reflect the same. We continue to work towards the completion of the unit and look forward to its commercial operation in the near future for the benefit of all Vineland residents and businesses.”

The lawsuit claims various delays from Vineland including not submitting paperwork, providing incorrect specifications and failing to deliver equipment. It also claims that these actions are a direct result from the grudge against C&H for outbidding their favored bidder, I&I. The suit seeks to collect money to cover attorney fees and added expenses incurred by C&H in a trial by jury.

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