What Can You Expect From An OSHA Inspection?

What Can You Expect From An OSHA InspectionAs reported by SouthCoastToday, a local Rochester publication, OSHA has recently launched an investigation to a construction accident that caused the impalement of a 62-year-old worker who fell 15 feet onto a 4-foot steel rebar, according to a federal official.  The Barnes Building and Management Group employee Joao Botelho suffered severe injuries and OSHA is investigating as a result to ensure that something like this never occurs again. OSHA officials say that if violations are found, that the employer could be facing severe citations and fines. Instances such as this raise awareness to the need for appropriate Construction Insurance in Wayne, NJ and beyond.

While you may be knowledgeable about how to manage safety at your facility and maybe even how to avoid OSHA fines, what should you expect, as a construction firm owner or operator, during an OSHA inspection? First off, the OSHA team present for the inspection will review all documentation of any aspects of your safety and health program, to ensure that the program elements adequately address hazards at the employment site. Documents should include hazard analyses, employee reports of safety and health hazards, reports of site inspections and accident investigations, and more.

OSHA will also tour your job site to make sure that the safety and health program you have documented is actually be utilized as it should be. This site tour is often referred to as a walkthrough. During this walkthrough, OSHA officials will look at problem areas; have repeated hazards been noted, do random interviews with employees reveal undocumented injuries? These are just a couple samples of what OSHA will look for during their inspection.

At the conclusion of an OSHA inspection, OSHA officials will partner with job site management and employee representatives to conduct a formal briefing, usually referred to as a closing conference, in which they will reveal their recommendation they’ll be making to the Regional Administrator or to the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health.

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