Is Bayonne Bridge Project Creating Risks for NJ Contractors?

Is Bayonne Bridge Project Creating Risks for NJ ContractorsThe road-raising Bayonne Bridge project has been a hot topic since first being announced in late 2014. The project involves guiding 150-ton slabs of concrete up and over the existing road and into their foundations along the bridge approach. While the construction process itself does mean more traffic delays for New Jersey bound drivers, the new bridge span will bring some much needed improvements, including four 12-foot wide lanes, a 12 foot wide pedestrian and bike path, and nearly 5-foot wide shoulders on each side.

With a construction project as big as this, naturally there will be inherent risks for NY and NY contractors. In January, in fact, there were reports of an unconscious construction working hanging off scaffolding under the bridgework. It was later revealed that this report was false, however there was a 54-year-old construction employee who fell ill while working under the bridge and had to receive emergency assistance, including being hoisted to safety.  Incidents such as this raise awareness to the need for Construction Insurance in Wayne NJ and beyond.

Another incident that made headlines near the beginning of the project, when a young construction worker had to be lowered to the roadway from an elevated platform atop the Bayonne Bridge after suffering from a seizure. While a seizure is likely not something that can be attributed to construction activities, this contractor could have been severely injured as a result, and other incidents such as this have been known to occur on even the smallest construction projects.

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