PA Employment Practices Liability: Boosting Staff Morale

PA Employment Practices Liability Boosting Staff MoralePA Employment Practices Liability: Boosting Staff Morale

No matter what industry your business is in, employee morale is a pertinent topic. With such a large focus in recent years on employee wellness programs, ensuring employees are given enough paid-time-off, and all the questions and uncertainty brought on by the ACA, figuring out how to improve staff morale probably hasn’t been a main concern for most business owners.

However, many business experts feel it should be, as boosting staff morale will not only help improve productivity, but could decrease employee turnover rates and could make your company less likely to face a PA Employment Practices Liability claim from a disgruntled employee. There are many ways that business owners can approach this issue. Below are just a few suggestions.

Ensure Feedback is Consistent and Personal. When a manager sends and email or even makes an announcement that their team is “doing a great job,” it can definitely make employees feel good. Feedback such as this should be personalized. While a deserving team might be recognized for a job well done, there may be one employee on that team that feels they have gone above and beyond, and wants to be heard, to know their work is appreciated.

Give Employees Purpose. Sometimes, it’s very easy to get up in the daily grind of your job; just going through the motions to get the job done. Employees need to know that their work is more than just that, that their efforts are not going unnoticed, and their job is contributing to the success of the business, their clients/customers, or helping them make positive steps towards a promotion or another type of reward.

Host Events/ Have Fun. This idea may certainly have its limitations, especially if your business is a small one with limited resources. However, something as simple as having some type of contest at work, and giving a pizza party to the team that won, can go a long way in boosting morale. There are countless ideas for team-building exercises on the web as well.

These are just a few simple ways your business can work to boost staff morale. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand the unique risks you face as a PA Business owner or manager. We’ve been providing businesses throughout the major counties in Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and neighboring new York with a complete portfolio of insurance products for more than 65 years. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today at (888) 990-0526.