PA Workers Comp: Can Fitbits Reduce Your Risks?

PA Workers Comp Can Fitbits Reduce Your RisksPA Workers Comp: Can Fitbits Reduce Your Risks?

It’s no secret that Fitbits are one of most popular fitness technologies out there nowadays. It’s not just individuals who are seeing its benefits; employers are too. By incorporating Fitbit use into the workplace, employers have helped to create a culture of well-being, improve participant health status, increase employee productivity, and increase employee acquisition and retention.  By improving employee health across the board, employees may be more alert, physically sound, and less likely to injure themselves while on the job, which in turn means less PA Workers Comp claims against your business.

Wellness program incorporation is not the only way you can reduce the PA Workers Comp risks for your company. Researchers from the University of California-San Francisco, New York University, and Northwestern Medicine are conducting and ongoing study that monitors physical activity using Fitbit trackers. The goal behind this study is to use the results to better predict recovery over time for patients who undergo spine surgery. During the four weeks before a surgery and for six months after, the Fitbits will record personal data on a patient’s steps and activity levels.

How could this reduce PA Workers Comp risks? By having this ongoing evaluation of patients and their outcomes, companies may be able to determine their own needs and be able to make adjustments more easily for an employee who has been injured to come back to work. By having this predictive technology, employees may feel more confident in their recovery, and less likely to file a PA Workers Comp claim, or even an Employment Practices Liability claim if they feel they are unfairly being restricted from returning to work.

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