Poor Construction Leads to Moldy Homes

Poor Construction Leads to Moldy Homes

When you hear stories about finding toxic mold in homes, it’s typically in older structures; rarely do you hear of a 3-5 year old home having this type of problem. However, it does occur. In fact according to a recent article published by the Grad Forks Herald in North Dakota, one homeowner was shocked to find out that her 3-year-old house had mold and was going to require at $18,000 fix.

This problem is not exclusive to North Dakota; any new home that exists in a state with harsh winter weather has the potential for mold. While you may be familiar with your need for Clifton Construction Insurance to protect against your Clifton Builders Risk Insurance such as fire or natural disasters, construction workers rarely think of the long term effects of their building practices. But should they?

According to legal resource website nolo.com, if a homeowner believes that a mold infestation is the result of poor construction practices, or a failure to install proper ventilation, they could have a legal claim against the builder, general contractor, or one or more subcontractors for negligence. While you may be required to guarantee your work in the form of a Clifton Surety Bond or other type of licensing, a homeowner could potentially claim that the builder or contractor violated or breached that agreement.

But how does this happen to begin with? The practice in which construction workers erect buildings nowadays calls for “tighter” construction; with better insulation, windows, and material that improve the overall energy efficiency. This is a good thing, right? While modern homeowners desire these changes, builders must learn about the potential for mold, given that a building erected this way will not be able to “breathe.” This is particularly important in winter months when humidity can get trapped within the construction.

Homeowners can certainly take steps to reduce the chance of being affected by mold in their home, but contractors and builders must do their job right as well. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency, we understand the risks you face as a construction worker, and provide comprehensive insurance policies to protect you financially against these risks. Please give us a call today for more information about our products and services at (888) 990-0526.