NJ Construction Safety Management: Common Myths

NJ Construction Safety Management Common MythsAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of late 2013 the construction industry accounted for 721 fatal work injuries, which is equivalent to 8.9 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers. While in recent years there have been great strides in NJ Construction Safety Management, processes could still use improvement. While many construction firms may think they are doing everything in their power to prevent worker accidents from occurring, there are still some common safety myths that could be endangering their company.

For example, it is a myth to think that complete safety is possible. Risks can certainly be transferred, or even ignored, however risks cannot be completely eliminated. For this reason, it’s vital that your firm has the right type of NJ Construction Insurance Policy in place. Another common myth is that compliance with OSHA regulations automatically generates safety for your organization. While OSHA compliance is certainly important, for avoiding violation fines as well as creating awareness of safety protocol, employees must be trained on proper safety procedures for practices to really take hold.

True safety comes as the result of processes and actions on the part of you and your employees. While auditing and inspections could certainly help to improve the system and the weaknesses within your organization, it’s a myth that auditing and inspections will solve safety problems. The only way these audits and inspections can truly add value is if the information they generate becomes a cause for action and are acted upon.

The above mentioned myths are not the only construction safety misconceptions that exist. Many construction firm leaders believe that incentive programs produce lasting behavioral changes and improved performance when it comes to safety; however this has been shown to do very little when it comes to safety results.

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